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Things to Do In Cocoa Beach

Playing on stunning beaches, looking up at the big open skies, and enjoying year-round amazing weather are just a few of the items on your list of things to do in Cocoa Beach.  Welcome to paradise.

Surf's up!  Any trip to Cocoa Beach begins and ends with the spectacular ocean landscape that forms the natural border of this famous beach neighborhood.  Situated on a slim barrier island in the middle of the east coast of central Florida, this 15-square mile town boasts more than 6 miles of coastline.  The beautiful waterline attracts more than 2 million visitors a year, and many of them have just one thing on their agenda - laying in the sun and playing in the water.

Whether you are a master of a long board, are handy with a boogie board, or just like making sand castles, the public parks of Cocoa Beach will be fun-central for you and your friends and family.  On a warm day - which is just about every day of the year, you'll get to mingle with a high-energy, fun-loving beach crowd.  Alan Shepherd Park, Sidney Fischer Park, and Lori Wilson Park are just a few of the wonderful public beaches to explore.  All have seasonal lifeguards and parking.

But the sand is just the beginning of a Cocoa Beach adventure.  This resort town is also deeply connected to the stars.  At the Astronaut Memorial Planetarium and Observatory, you'll see why Cocoa Beach is often referred to as the "space coast."  Just minutes away from the Kennedy Space Center, Cocoa Beach has long been a prime viewing area for all kinds of space launches, including the space shuttle.

One great place to watch the skies from is the famous Cocoa Beach Pier.  With more than 800 feet of boardwalk stretching over the Atlantic, the pier is perfect for a romantic sunset stroll.

And to meet some of the many animals that call this special coastal ecosystem home, visit the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, an elaborate haven for hundreds of species of wild and endangered animals, including alligators, sea turtles, and red-tailed hawks.

Unfortunately for sun worshippers, night does eventually fall on Cocoa Beach, and you're going to need an incredible hotel to hang up your swimsuit at.  Sitting right on the water, Surf Studio is a classic beach resort that has hosted generations of families and friends making the magical trek to Florida's famous coast. 

You'll see right away why we call this year-in-year-out favorite a "resort" - from the beautifully landscaped grounds to the boardwalk which delivers you from your room right to the beach, you'll feel like you've landed in paradise.  Every comfort has been thought of at this charming, family-owned hotel, like a hammock to take an afternoon siesta in.  Surf Studio's comfortable, clean rooms have all the modern amenities for your beach getaway.  And the wide variety of rooms and suites have rates that fit your budget, so you can spend more time enjoying your vacation and less time worrying about the bill. 

There are countless fun things to do in Cocoa Beach, but finding the perfect place to stay is the easiest item on your list… Surf Studio!

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