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"My husband & I often visited the Surf Studio for Thanksgiving week & also a week in late July/early August. We “escaped” our lives after 9/11 @ the SS also. ( The tanks in front of Patrick’s was disconcerting...) Every visit left us relaxed & refreshed. Surf studio is the antithesis of a modern high rise hotel with screaming kids in the pool. One visit we seemed to be the only ones there! The owner joked about chargIng us extra for the peace & quiet. My husband has since passed & I am ready for the solitude of the SS once again. Thank you your hospitality & for all the good memories."
Sherry Babbitt
Longboat Key, FL 07-20-2020
"Gregg, we enjoyed our short stay this past weekend. It's been a while since we last came here and we're glad to see that not a whole lot has changed either. We will be coming back in the very near future."
Todd Yaros
Orlando, FL 05-17-2021
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